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EASINGTON  PARISH Sponsored by Easington Parish Council

Easington Parish is located on the most south-easterly tip of Holderness, East Riding of Yorkshire, bounded on the east by  the North Sea and on the west by the River Humber.The Civil Parish of Easington includes Out Newton, Kilnsea and Spurn with Easington’s All Saints’ Church at the centre of the Parish. Since the discovery of natural gas in the North Sea in 1965, Easington is best known for its gas terminals and since 2006 with the opening of the Norwegian Langeled pipeline Easington is now the terminal of the world’s longest subsea pipeline. Spurn Point’s Humber Lifeboat Station is home to the only full time RNLI lifeboat crew operating in the UK. Spurn Point is a National Nature Reserve, Heritage Coast and the site of an important bird observatory for the recording of migrating birds visiting our shores.

The background for this web site is taken from a wall made entirely of herringbone laid cobblestones, an old local method of construction still found in many old buildings in the Parish. Oval cobblestones were gathered from the beach and carted to the location of the building site. The cobblestones are rounded boulders still found on the beach today. Like the boulder clay which covers much of Holderness they were brought by glaciers during the last ice age and washed from the clay cliffs on to the beach by sea erosion.

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